images.jpgim 15 + i had an abortion last october an i regreted it so badly i was pushed into it by my boyfriend he said he would leave me an id be a single mum if i never got rid of it it was hard aswell because my mum was avicted for our house earlier on that year so i was living with my boyfriend aswel and if i kept the baby i would have no where to live either i was so scared i was 14weeks at 2days pregnant when i had the abortion when i came home my boyfriend supported me but after a couple of days it was like it never even happend he was normal an we started arguing alot. then the next month he split up with me so i lost him either way but i still lived with him an we where still having sex it was like we never even broke up but we didnt class each other as partners.
then a couple of months later he slept with a differnt girl an i was heartbroken he said that she got on top of him an fourced him but when i spoke to her she told me that she did persuade him to do it but it wasnt just her in control.
he still tells me that till this day but we got over that as i was living with him i couldnt leave him because id have nowhere to go even though i really wanted to go i had to stay there an act like everything was fine . a couple of months later i slept round his mates house and got really drunk and ended up sleeping with him then it went on for longer until i realised it was wrong an i was only doing it to give my ex boyfrind the pain i felt for all this time so i came clean an told him what happend between us.
now a year down the line we are still the same im 16 next month and pregnant with his baby again we are keeping the baby this time as i told him that i will not get rid of it again an he said he understood an wishes he never made me do it last time he said he has grown up now,but our relatoinship still hasnt changed we still aint togther but if we went with someone else it would be classed as cheating and at the momenet i have this weird idea in my head that he is seeing someone else i dont no why i think it he keeps telling me im been stupid an he makes me belive him for a while then i start to think it again could it be just me thinking like that cause im pregnant ?
Im Really scraed im not sure if im making the right dissison but i know if i had another abortion it would kill me .