I was 18 when i my whole world turned downside up. It all happend after i lost control of my life. I was 17 and started my freedom as an adult in college. I made alot of bad choices doing drugs and drinking alot. To the point where i woke up in the hospital. Hours later i was being kicked out, and i had only been in college for only 2 months. Then i turned 18. When i went back home i was very angry and still out of control from the drugs. Me and my mom fought alot, so i ranaway.

Then i met LC who i met thru a friend. Even though he was a little older than me (14 years old) i felt drawn to him. He let me stay with him. A few weeks later SURPRISE i was pregnant. So i continued living with LC but i missed my mom so i went back home. My mom was very happy to have me back. Then i had her…it took 2 weeks to tell her but it finally got out. LC and i broke up when i was 4 months pregnant. Then we got back together when i was 6 months. It stuck and i was so happy that he and my mom were there when i had my 7lb 3oz little boy. LC and i are still together going on 4 years. I just turned 22 and our son will be 3 soon. And i'm 3 weeks pregnant with my 2nd whoo got a long time to go. I thank God for my son. He has really brought my head out of the gutter and made me a completley different person….a person with meaning.