so meh &n& rasheed have been toqether for about 2 years . we met when we were 13 &n& made it official a lil aftuh we turned 14 (january 16, 2007] . we've been throuqh hell &n& baqk ,dayum near literally .&n& even thouqh we aint perfect ,i'm totally iqht wit dhat cuz aint no type relationship perfect . but we're happy &n& we miqht be havinq a baby on dha way soon! we have dha support of our friendsz &n& alot of our family &n& dhatsz really all we need . we have dha money &n& we're pretty stable ,&n& even thouqh we're yunq ,we know wat we're doinq . . .; we've had 3 scaresz previous to dhisz ,but dhisz time we think itsz actually qonna happen but we're ironically not scared . i'll be movinq in wit hisz mom &n& him in about 3 monthsz if dha test comesz out positive ,but if it doesnt dha disappointment'll fade &n& we'll qo on wit our livesz . i'm not afraid ,&n& i'm not alone ,abortion isn't an option &n& hopefully my baby'll be healthy . i plan ta do cyber skoolinq if i'm positive ,&n& smokinq &n& drinkinq won't be a part of meh anymore . i'm not confused ,i dont have a quilty conscience about it . i've hopefully been blessed with a baby &n& i hope to be a qreat mother even if i'm only a teenaqer . i still qotta lot of qrowin up ta do ,but i'm learninq quick enouqh . i dont want people ta judqe meh ,because nobody knowsz meh ,therefore i'm dhat unpredictable therefore i'm my own person THEREFORE no one has dha riqht ta judqe someone like myself .