What teenager ever thinks she would be a mother by the age of 17 let alone a mother of three by the time she was 21? A bet a lot of them don’t. I know I didn’t. At the age of 16, I became just another teenage statistic, a statistical momma. That was in 2001. Back then there were no TV shows of teenage pregnancy glamorizing the epidemic or even TV movies like “The Pregnancy Pact” to scare the thoughts of having babies out of young girls’ minds. Those things didn’t come along until I was 22 and two kids later. If I would have saw those shows back then, I would have definable gave sex a third and fourth thought .

I was young and naive. You never think it would happen to you. I am so tired of seeing these girls from 16 and Pregnant being thrown all around in the media and being paid major cash to be a statistical momma. I work hard for to take care of the babies I brought into this world and trust me when I say I have sacrificed everything for them. Is it fair that so many teenage parents are struggling and they get to be put on a pedestal for going through the “babymomma” and “babydaddy” drama. I don’t think so. Why not try to help these teenage parents be all they can be and be role models for their children. Give them some counseling and some skills training, instead of teaching them to pose for a magazine cover. These are just some thoughts. We all know what sells. So can you expect anything more?