so like the title says i started my period today, well technically it was yesterday at 11:50pm…but yeah, im excited cuz i was getting a little worried that i might be preg cuz my husband and i have been having unprotected sex and using the pull out method but that's not reliable, and im not currently on ne BC..but i started my period, so i happy…oh maybee to make something clear i have a 4month old and im not ready to have another baby yet, i may joke with my hubby about it but im not ready for number two yet…im scheduled to get the BC/IUC mirena on sept 29th, so that's another reason i was worried about being preg, cuz if i was got the IUC put in if i was preg it could cause miscarriage and i'd rather have a baby than cause my self to miscarry!……well ne wayz…..