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It would be really cool if this site means enough to you to link to it. Here are a few images you can use on your site. All these images are png transparent background to fit into your site colors.

To use follow the directions below:

WordPress, Joomla or Drupal based sites

Go to the page you want to add the link.  On that page click where you want the image to be added in the content editor > select add media> upload. Once uploaded select the image and hit insert.

Next click on the image to select and click the link icon.  Add to the link to field.

Set the window setting to ‘new window’.

Click save and then click publish to accept changes.

Non WordPress or other CMS sites:

Right click on the image you want from below and choose “Save Image As”.

Save to your desktop or a folder of your choosing.

Upload the image to your hosting server to a folder of your choosing (like images) So the image path could be: the image.png  (this is the image path you add to the code below between the quotes).

Insert this code where you want the standupgirl banner to appear on your site:

<a href=”” target=”_blank” title=” go to”><img src=”/image path” border=”0″ alt=”” title=””></a>

This should be all you need to create a link to our site. Contact Us if you need assistance or a custom link image

Large PNG images

standupgirl link up 1

Transparent background with logo only below

standupgirl link up 2

 Small PNG images

standupgirl link up 3

Transparent background with logo only below

standupgirl link up 4