Stand Up , Stand Up                       Be a stand up girl x2
Vs. 1               You feel ashamed for what you've done
                      As you look at yourself in the mirror
                      Tears are streaming down your face
                      There are knots in your hair                       You know that you're stuck there
                      You can't go no where
                      No money for abortion, but you don't believe in it anyway
                      You're wondering why you lied to them
                      'Cause now you've lost your way
Chorus            Be a STANDUPGIRL and do the right thing
                      Be a STANDUPGIRL and tell the truth
                      No more hiding, no more lying
                      Be a STANDUPGIRL and do the right thing
Vs. 2              As the months go by                      Your belly gets big
                     You're tired and scared
                     Of the world you live in
                     The judgment and laughter
                     The lies that are spread
                     On the streets, in the cold
                     Wishing you were dead
                     Stand up, stand up, stand up x4
Girl ! (chorus x2)