I’m so excited! I’ll be 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I can’t believe of how the time has passed. I have been considering lots of things to provoke my labor. I’ve considered castor oil or just going out for a long walk. 

My family is visiting Mexico this August. I’d say around the fourth or fifth day of the month. I would love to have my boy now, so that my mom could be here with me the first 3 weeks of my baby’s days. 

So, I suggested to her that maybe I can induce my labor. And she didn’t like the idea. She told me how I need to be careful, and it’s always best to let the baby come when he is ready. And I knew that she was right. I should just be thankful that the baby will be here, before she leaves. Because my baby’s due date is August 3rd. And I really don’t think my baby will even make it to the month of August. 

My husband thinks that the baby will be born on the 16th. That is because his first daughter was born on November 16th and his son September 16th. So, he hopes that the baby be born on the 16th of July.  My guess is that the baby will be born between the 19th and the 23rd. My mother thinks the last days of July and so does the rest of my family. 

I know that my son will be with me very soon. My pains are worse than ever. I can’t sleep on my hips anymore. I feel this instant pain that I can’t handle. I have to sleep on my back, which everyone thinks is crazy, because they don’t see how that is possible. My eating habits have changed completely. I can only eat small meals now. I have so much pressure. I feel like at any moment my son is just going to flop on the floor. The pressure is very bad. 

But I really don’t mind. I know that my baby’s arrival is almost near and everything would of been worth it. I can’t wait till that day comes. I’m very excited. I’ve been waiting for this day to come for a very long time. I can’t believe that the day is very near. At any moment, I will have my baby boy in my arms.