i'm 15 and i think i'm 4weeks pregnant (not so sure because until now i didn't do any pregnancy test)well actually i did once after i had a sex (10/2)and i did a pregnancy test (10/13)and it's negative i don't know why i do some crazy test although i know that i'n not…actually supposed to be my period for the month of October will be (10/18-10/20)…and ater we had a sex in 10/2…we did it again i 10/8,10/13,10/14,10/15….and until now my period didn't came!!!….so I'm so so so stressed about [size=5]Am I Pregnant??[/size]…this few weeks i felt some symptoms of being a pregnant like….

_frequent urination
_of course what i said i missed my period
_sometimes i'm so irritate of something i can't explain

i can't do some pregnant test because I'm scared also of what will be the result…and what I should do if it's positive? how can I tell to my parents? they sure would kill me and of course how I'll tell to the boy who is responsible for this because he say so he's not ready..

ok BOUT my boy actually he is not my boy friend…he's just my brod(in our fraternity-sorority)and a good friend of mine…i fall for him because of his sweetness,caring…i don't know i'm just comfortable with him..!!well I know he has a girl friend…although i know it still i do that thing SEX with him…how stupid Am I right…because i really really love him…he have a problem with her girl because his girl friend has no time for him so I have…so every time we get to a party I'm with him…I know and i felt it he is happy with me but the thing is still I'm not his girl friend and that's my mistake…!!!

about 2weeks when my period missed i talked to him i went to their house…I just want to know his answers and if he is ready…because i'm so scared at that time too…because i'm two weeks delay on my period so i want to ask him.I said to him that i think I'm pregnant and he's sooooooo shocked and asked me if i did some pregnant test and I said NO and I don't want to we're shouting each other because he said so that he was afraid if her girl friend know about this problem and all he said to me that if it's true that I'm pregnant he wants to ABORT it…and that thing is i don't want to…so i said to him that i don't even need you and until now we have no communication…!!!ahhh how stupid I am right? but still I DO LOVE HIM..!!!