i was 18 when i found out i was prgnant…i will be 19 when my baby comes into this world…telling my mom and other fam bou my pregnancy was tough but wat made it worse was that no1 seemed to care bou wat i wanted all that mattered to them was that i should get an abortion…all i heard was its goin to b hard u cnt do it..whether i had my baby or not life was still goin to b hard a baby wasnt a major set bak for me..it actually motivated me to wan to achieve more than i had planned to n life…i love the fact that i will b a mom n 2 months and i dnt regret a thing nor do i thnk this was a mistake…all of my fam now wants to b supportive but im still iffy bou the whole thing…i feel that they shulda been there frm day one yea it was a lot to take in but they acted more like kids than mature adults!!!!!