My name is Krysta and i am 20 years old. I am still in college and live with my boyfriend Andrew and i have been together for 2 years now and i just found out that i was pregnant about a month ago. I am 8 weeks pregnant. When i found out, i was happy and scared at the same time. The first person in my family to find out was my closest brother. Little did i know he was giving me a time limit to tell my parents or he was going to tell them myself. My siblings are all older than me and live on their own. The reason he was doing this is because he felt that it was best for me to get an abortion and that if i waited any longer that i wouldn't be able to get one. They didn't consider this baby for even a second. They could care less how i felt about it and that really hurts me. My mother told me that if i wanted to keep this baby than my boyfriend and i were out the door. From that point on things have been really awkward between me and my family….its like they look down on me and it makes me feel like crap. My mom keeps saying that im ruining my life, my boyfriends life, and her life. My boyfriends family is happy for me and very supportive so that helps a little. All i have ever done my whole life is try to make my mom happy. Im not going to have an abortion to make her happy. Now im just worried about money and finishing school. But most importantly, i can't wait to see the baby that i decided to keep in my life. i have had an abortion before and it was so horrible i could never do it again. I was so worried that i wouldnt be able to get pregnant again after that abortion. But now that i am, i consider it a blessing. My life is sure going to change but i am ready for it and i cannot wait!!