It’s a scary thing, finding out I’m seventeen and pregnant. Sure I’ve seen my friend’s have their babies and I’ve told them how cute they are, and of course I’ve watched the show, saying awh at the cute parts and feeling sad during their struggles… But now it’s me. Now it’s me with two hearts beating inside of one body. Me who’s tired, and sluggish, and hungry, really hungry. All my plans, all my dreams, they are now being rearranged because I’m not just taking care of me now. And it’s exciting as well ad terrifying, but abortion isn’t an option for me. I’ve always said I am prochoice, but my choice is to keep the beautiful baby inside of me. I know most people say that teen pregnancies are a sin, and that me and my boyfriend are too young to be in love, we won’t make it. But I know him, and I know I can’t tell the future but I do know that no matter where life takes us, he’s going to be there for his baby girl or boy. Ugh, I’m filled with mixed emotions and questions and anxiety.