Ok So I am 16 years of age. And I am in love. My boyfriend broke up with me February 3 and started dating another girl February 4. Which broke not only my heart but everyone elses also. Me and him had been best firends before we dated and stuff. Well February 10 I did something very"skanky". I snuck out of my house and had unprotected sex with him. Cause I knew I still loved him and i was hoping he still loved me evne though he was dating another girl. Well  that  night when I left his car, I came out of it a totally different person tehn I did going in. I came out a woman who's future is most likely going to change forever. He told me to keep it a secret and I did but it ate me away inside. So I told my Mom& step mom. They weren't mad. My mom was upset but not mad, I'm not really sure what I can do but sit and wait. Tonight I told him that I was most likely pregnant. And he freaked on me. I had to tell him over an email at that. I couldn't have the strength to do it in person. I was crying as it was. He signed offline after a few minutes of me telling him n him calling me a liar about other stuff. He came back on and said he shouldnt have ran and that everythign was going to be ok. and for me nt to worry. I worry about every little detail of my life. I can't not worry about somethign like being pregnant.  It scares me. He tells me not to worry, and everythign is going to be fine. and that im not pregnant and need to calm down. when i have been totally calm but so scared. I have class wth him every other day. talk to him everyday. He is still my best friend. And even if I'm pregnant i hope he is still going to be there for me. Not only as my best friend but as a father to his child. I'm not sure what all is going to happen. I mean my dad still thinks im a virgin and this isnt the first time i have had sex. Im just frightened is all. Does anyone know of anythign I can do? even though there really isn't anytihgn I can do.