Im 15, and i thought i was pregnant before.. I didnt experience any of the symptoms i feel right now, but i still thought i was pregnant.. My bf (18) and i, planned to have this baby, and i am almost 100% shure that he will be by my side the entire time, the thing im worried about is my family.. The last time i thought i was pregnant, my sister (22) told me that i had no choice but to get an abortion. I am against abortions, and im pretty shure my parents will be too. I know i let my parents down but i have to tell them sooner or later. I am ready to take the responsibilites for my actions, and love and support this child with all my energy.

Some symptoms include (mind you, its only been a couple of days): Mood swings, food cravings, slight cramping, need for sleep, upper & lower back pain, and going to the washroom several times..

If anyone can help me out & tell me what they think, It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. (: