Wow first time writing.. My name’s Kit and I’m 16, I’m six months pregnant on Nov. 8th and right now I’m dealing with having H1N1. I’m pretty much over the worst of it though and it helped having my baby nudge me along. I live with my parents, my boyfriend broke up with me after he found out I wanted to keep the baby. He’s 22. He now has a new girlfriend who threatened to make

me lose the baby if she ever saw me trying to contact him. On October 16th he brought me to my doctor’s appointment and then left me outside of walmart for 7 hours, saying he’d be back in 30 min. I left my ultrasound pictures in his truck and no matter how many times I beg him, he won’t give them back. Recently he contacted me saying he wasn’t sure if he loved his girlfriend and that he made a big mistake breaking up with me… But I’m not sure I want to go back with him, after everything he did. There’s been someone else helping me though, I like him and he says he likes me too, he doesn’t care if I’m pregnant. I’m still going to school and it’s getting pretty hard with everyone talking about me and spreading rumors, but I’ve learned who my friends are that way. Everyone keeps talking about how I should’ve aborted my baby, but I know I couldn’t have, I already love him/her and nothing would have been able to replace that. I may not be ready, but I’m slowly making my way towards being ready.