…. so good.

It's really great that this natural high I've been on hasn't faded within the last week (like it usually does). I finallly feel like I've got a good handle on things and that my coping mechanisms have started working or maybe that I've started using them properly.

 I'm just glad that I've made it through a week without having a total meltdown.

 As AF approaches my hormones are totally screwy and I'm taking offence to the smallest things. I know dbf is busy at work and that he's under alot of stress and pressure… am I being selfish if I need attention sometimes?! I just want to feel appreciated from time to time and right now it's like we're living past each other. I know that 's not all his doing, I know that I should be more understanding… I'm also really tired after work, but I'm the one making the effort when it comes to the relationship and I can't keep being rejected and pushed away by him….

Besides that, I'm coping well with the m/c and the abortion. I find myself able to think and  talk about it without reacting from an emotional place. And right now, that's most important to me.