I just realized yesterday that my period should have started a week ago.. and it is NEVER off because i am on birth control. i do not know if i am pregnant yet, but i do know that i am so scared. i am almost in tears just sitting here writing this, even if i am not pregnant i can now relate to the real pain and confusion of millions of girls out there right now, wondering "am i pregnant?" ;, "what is going to happen to me", and "will i make it?".

my only advice at this time, and what i have come to realize in the last couple hours of googling pregnancy symptoms and asking google tons of questions, is that acceptance is the first step. when i get home from vacation with my boyfriends family the first thing we will do is go to the health department and get tested if i have not already started  my period.

if i am pregnant…. first off i need to accept it… i pray i am not pregnant because i have a full ride to a junior college as a freshman this coming year and  my boyfriend is a junior at a four year college about an hour away. so i will have to be alone mostly….

if you are reading this and you think you might be pregnant, don't give up hope.. please.. just take a test and if it is positive, you be positive as well!

DO NOT THINK IT IS THE END OF YOUR LIFE! what good will that do? why not make the best of everything?