hey 🙂

 im new here n i jus need sum one whos gonna tlk to me n give bac the info that i need cuz ppl who i been tlkin to have been tellin me things lyk im to young i dnt know what i want, i dnt no wats best 4 me n stuff lyk dat buh i think i am old enough to no what i want n wats best 4 me n mii unborn child. i jus found out i was prego 3 days ago. im not really worried cuz im graduatin from high school in june on da 25th imma take up an online collage so i can stay at home wit mii baby. mii babyfather is very happy wit it but i wonder how long dats bout to last lol all mii friends babydaddies b happy at first den it change either rite b4 the baby is born or soon after. i jus hope i got one of the good ones thats gonna stick beside me. if he dnt i got a job n i no mii mom will stick bside me till the end buh i just dnt no how imma tell her shes gonna b so mad cuz she tell me all the time “i aint ready to b no grandma” i jus laff at her i didnt think i wuld evn get prego i thought i cu7ldnt evn have kids. i was prego once b4 but i had a miscarriage, idk if that was from me or mii boyfriend dat i had at the moment cuz me n him got into a fite buh i got to go now so till next tym.