ok. so i find out im pregnant a week ago,  9 weeks approximatley (im still yet to have my ultrasound to confirm how far along i am) my boyfriends 100 percent supportive. but his parents most definatley arn’t. lets call his parents b for the mum and c for the dad ( id rather not mention names)

In my boyfriends family theres been a history of teenage pregnancys, my bf’s mother had her first child at 18,  his sister at 16, his brothers girlfriend at 15, might i add his brothers girlfriend is the devils daughter and treats b & c like crap! yells and screams at them, refuses to let them anywhere near where shes living (which is a house that they own) only ever talks to them if she needs money, never lets them see theyre grandaughter, steals, accuses and never shuts up about absolute nonsense! oh yea and shes 3 months younger then i am (so shes seventeen now ) and pregnant again-yet she gets full support and a congratulations, this that whatever and i get the dreaded abortion speech simply because im *too young*
COME ON! what is it about me that makes them think im incapable of looking after a child?!?!? i babysit their one year old daughter on a regular basis , and i know thats not like having my own child but it still means they trust me with children! they dont even trust the devils daughter when she has a daughter one week older then theres , and how can THEY accuse me of being to young when ill be having my child when im 18 and thats the same age b had her first child….hypocrits…..im so angry and stressed
and annoyed and frustrated
and just down right upset at theyre behaviour
and the worst part is, if i dont agree to terminate my child ( and i definatley wont be agreeing) then my boyfriend and i get booted to the streets.
They claim that they’re 100 percent against abortion – so why are they suggesting it?!
its rediculous! and i have absolutely no idea how to cope with it without biting theyre heads off.