How Abortion Played A Part In Celine Dion’s Devotion To Her Family

celine dion

January 15, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – World-famous Canadian singer Celine Dion is undergoing another chapter in her life as she grieves the death of her beloved husband and former manager Rene Angelil.  Dion’s fairytale life and the fame she brought to her native Canada would never have been if a Catholic priest had not convinced her mother not to abort Celine in 1967.  And it’s likely that her fierce devotion to her husband and family was learned from her mother who gave her life and the example of loving sacrifice.

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Sacrificial Love

Ashley Bridges

“I’m not going to kill a healthy baby because I’m sick.”  Ashley Bridges, a courageous 24-year-old woman, decided to prolong receiving treatment for bone cancer when she found out she was ten weeks pregnant.  The decision to prolong treatment most likely will mean detrimental effects to her health and possibly death. 

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Oscar Winner Thanks His Mom for Giving Him Life as Pregnant Teen

Thank you for Giving me Life, Mom!

I don’t what it is about that “Dallas Buyers” cast, but they proved to be pretty classy guys at last night’s Oscars. Lead actor winner Matthew McConaughey praised God for his first Oscar win – a breath of fresh air during a night in which He seemed to be all but forgotten. But, before McConaughey praised the Almighty, his costar Jared Leto also shared a beautiful message in his acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor.

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Women Deserve Better Campaign

Abortion is a reflection that we have not met the needs of women. Women deserve better than abortion.

Feminists For Life

Are you pregnant unexpectedly?
Do you need concrete, practical help?

You are not alone. Below are some resources that can help, and some stories from women who have been right where you are and lived to tell about it. See what they have to say before you make any decisions.

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