So far so good?? i think

well i'm sure you guys know me by now.but if you don't, my name is Vanessa. i have a lot of problems  but not with my pregnancy. I've been having a lot of stress lately & i know that's a bad thing for my baby, but i just cant help but cry & cry about my mom. Being the only female child in a family with 4 kids is somewhat tough for me. is being emotional part of being pregnant?

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School, Work, Babies, Wife, Life Is Upside Down and Side Ways, YIKES!

Sooo my life right now is krazie i never thought that i would be dealing with all this stuff at the age of 21... i thought i would be chillin going to clubs drinking up a storm and having freedom.. for some reason today it really hit me im a MOM of 2 beautiful daughters and a wife to the most wonderful husband who is way older then me sometimes i have grudges against him because he is going to be 29 in oct and he lived his life at 21 partied and had the time of his life...

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Where It All Started My Story

Well i was 16 and was loving life i wasn't the best behaved teenager i had messed around in school and left with nothing so was looking to get a job to sort my life out but what happened next changed me changed my life and my future - well it was a Friday night and me and all my mates were heading out to the'park to get drunk whilst out i met some guys never before met them me and my friend went back to the lads house while she was with one i got to no the other this ended up me in his bed with no protection the next morning we literally ran off to say the least i just thought that was that i would never see or speak to him again how wrong was i a few weeks later i realized i hadn't come on my period but thought nothing of it two more weeks passed and that's when me and my mates went to central youth center and I took a pregnancy test.  Positive!!! 

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Your Young And Pregnant Believe In Yourself

17 And Pregnant.

Found out im pregnant 2 or 3 days ago, im only 4 weeks gone but really excited! The baby wasn't planned but now ive got just to the idea, i wouldn't have it any other way! 

Me and my family have been through a lot during the past 10 years or so, with my dad been seriously ill and my mum been in and out of hospital. so at times theres plenty of stress for the whole town! LOL

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... i'm scared to lose my own life.

i was with a guy for about 2 months.... we were basically living together and around the week of christmas was when my baby was concieved... the guy and i broke up on christmas day.. having no idea about this baby... on dec 27th i was admitted into the hospital... the pregnancy tests came back negative... and the doctors said i had a bacterial infection... i went home that day with antibiotics to take...

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...Nooo Not Again!

Well, where do I start?  Maybe I'll start by saying how bad I can't wait  to become a mother. Maybe I should start off by saying that maybe pregnancy isn't meant for everyone. Or maybe I should start with saying I that I'm less of a woman now,... and just as I'm regaining my spirit, it happens to me all over again. Or maybe I should start by blabbing off about

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'Bout mhe...♥

I am 14 and I got pregnant at this young age. I'm so happy because I will have a baby, but the problem about it the father of my baby would not stand up his obligation to be the father of my baby. I'm lucky because my family accepted the fact about me. Me and my ex-boyfriend did not last that long, we've just been for 2 months and I got pregnant without knowing it. By the time me and

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"You are a bad mother"

Are you a bad mother?

Do you go to work and put your kids in daycare?

"You are a bad mother", your children will grow up and be criminals and have mental problems because they were away from you for too long.

Do you stay and home and look after the kids?

"You are a bad mother", because your kids will now be anti-social and not know how to communicate with other kids, and you

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*16 and Pregnet*-Advice please

Hey my name is Keesha and im 16 years old and only 1 month...and i still haven't told my still scared of what they might say...b/c the guy im pregnet by is 25 years old and my mother don't like him...and he really isn't the guy i wanna be pregnet by either it was an accident...i kno my mom is going to kick me out when i tell her and i would have no

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why is everything so darn stressful? aghhh. well im getting used to things but at the same time im scared of how im going to prepare myself for this baby, i have no clu. But, if girls younger than me have been doin this than i kno i definetly can. im just a little bit at a standstill... One thing thats driving me crazy is getting this community service done, idk how im going to when i work two

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