I cant believe I'm in this situation again. I already have twins that are 8 and a 4 year old.. Now I just found out that I am pregnant again… I honestly dont believe in abortion but I dont know how I feel now that I am in this situation. Im already stressing my self out and I know that if I get the abortion I will regret it… Having to live with the fact that I killed my baby will eat me up …  He says that it isnt a good time for us to have a baby. He isnt ready. But I know if I get an abortion its only cause thats what he wants…  I really dont want anymore kids but I do  believe that God does everything for a reason.  I do know that compounding one sin with another is not the way to go but I dont know what I am suppose to do.. Im so lost.. I dont have anyone to talk to or ask what they think.. Someone please help!!!