My name is Jamie I live in weirsdale Florida and is ther mother of a six month old my son is my life I love him more thatn anything in this world recently my boyfriend of 3 and a hlaf years broke up with me and wants nothing to do with me or my son for no reason at all and I don't know what to do about it because its not like our son wasnt planned Thomas "the father" very much wanted a baby not to mention a boy to top it all off he wanted it to be a boy after months of trying and we didnt get pregnant i thought that it was jsut me and that their was something wrong so we gave up less then 5 months after that i found out that i was pregnant i was a little afraid but happy at the same time because I didnt want this to happen well geuss what? It did and I don't know what to do about it my boyfriend left me and our son and I don't know why I love him so much and wanted to make him happy And now i have a baby and I'm on my own you see when we 1st got together i droped out of high school to go to work and provide to us while he stayed in school finally i went back when i became pregnant to an online school and graduated from high school on Augest 16th of this year I had told Thomas That i wanted to go to collage and he wasnt very suportave at all because of the fact that he would have to stay at hmoe in stead of partying with his buddies while i was in school It's not like he didnt have the time he doesnt work or anyhing and hasnt since i had went to work he doesnt go to collage nothing

What I need some advice on is that I love this guy so much despite is flaws and I don't know how he could break up our family when it's something that he wanted so badly at thw time he doesn't call to see how or son is doing nothing how can I make the hurt go way??