Hey Becky — You probably don’t get many emails from guys, but however, I am one. My name is Andy Kiser and I am currently 17 years old and a single father. About two years ago I started dating a girl who was a year younger than me. Even at 15 I was already known as the guy who girls can’t say no to.

But Jessica was different. She would always say no and say she wasn’t ready. I was at first annoyed but then I started to like it and admire it.

However, a year later, we were still dating and she was still a virgin but then one night we were alone and things happened. About a month later she told me she thought she was pregnant. I said she was probably sick or something and it was nothing to worry about, but I didn’t really believe what I was saying. I almost knew she was pregnant, but it was nothing a 16 year old guy wants to hear. She got a pregnancy test and later told me she knew for a fact she was pregnant. Immediately I told her she had to get an abortion, but she said no. I at first bailed out and left her.

One night I came home from a football game and the tv was on. It was a commercial about fathers and the great joy and fullfillment it brings. I dropped to my knees cried, and then decided what I had to do. I got back together with Jess and was there every day of her pregnancy. I even held her hand as she gave birth to our son Julian, born 6 lbs 7 oz.

Only one week later Jess and her father were in a terrible car accident and the impact killed both of them immediately. My world went crumbling down, but I knew I had to stay strong because I had a son to raise.

I am still in school and am entering my senior year as an honor student. I play football, basketball, I am in a band called Tujax, and am dating a beautiful girl. Julian is now one and is my pride and joy, and my driving force. I put a picture of his mother next to his crib and even though I know he doesn’t understand me I tell him about her all the time.

I am writing this so that all girls who are in the same situation Jess was in, know that they can say no to abortion, and also this baby is one half your boyfriend’s and hey they just might surprise you…men can change.

I know I did



Andy – you have done the very honorable thing and I know you don’t regret standing by her even for a minute! Please keep sharing his mother with him, and I know some day soon, you will find a young woman to love you and your baby boy so very much. You are a young man of honor … and that is a highly favored characteristic in a man!

You are … a Stand-Up Man! Thank you for your e-mail!

Sincerely – Lisa

Becky and Lisa