I read Jasmyn's story and I was just amazed. I could help but cry. I am a mother of three and one on the way and I just somewhat recently got out of a really bad relationship. I was married to this person for almost five years and he was abusive in every way possible. I finally got up the courage to leave last year and the divorce was finalized in May!! I went online because I had heard about a program where you can finish school and actually get a diploma. I went through all the tests and assignments and ended up paying around $300 to get it all done. They sent me a diploma and a tassel (hope I spelt that right). I was so excited that I would finally be able to get a good job and support my children!! I went and tried to get into some cosmotology schools and was rejected.. None of them would except a diploma from an online school. I feel so frustrated. That doesnt even explain how I feel. I just dont know what to do. I want so badly to be able to get a good job that will support my family but 95% of the employers out there wont hire you unless you have a degree of some kind. I dont know what to do or where to go. I just find myself feeling alone frustrated and worthless. I want nothing more than to be a good mom and be able to support my children without having to depend on others.. If you have any advise PLEASE, write me. I really could use someone to talk to. PLEASE.