I’ve been with my bf over 2 years now and since the pregnancy he seems a little..apart.
Even though we’ve been together for that long he still hasn’t meet my parents. They constantly complain to me that he doesn’t do anything for me and whine about how he should be more supportive and I can understand were they’re coming from. I told him most of my home issues /arguements are about him, still he didnt care. So on monday I finally gave up,and  let him know either he come meet them or not call until he was ready. I would’ve thought he had made up his mind by now but I guess not. I mean the only reason I decided to go through with the pregancy was because he always said he would be supportive. It’s been 6 months now and yet he still hasn’t been to one of my doc visits, or helped me set up the crib and paint my room. Anyone out there with the same problem or advice?