I looked up on google.com to find a webstite about teen prgnancy, and came about standupgirl.com and thought i would blog this to see if anyone could help me. Im a 16 year old jr. in high school that has alot of probloms with my mom, and i was told be my school counselor that if it gets to bad just to walk out and go to the cops. on a sunday night at 10:30 I did just that and went to the cops . and now im in the group home. I have been suicidal (on and off) for about 5 years now, and i have tryerd everything. ANd now that im out of the house away from my mom I feel depressed and alone and im afraid that I might get suicidal again. last year my boyfriend of 7 months, took my v-card and I ended up pregnant but lost it a month later and not alot of people know that I was. And now that I know that was pregnat that I would not even THINK about going depressed like I was again. So now im thinking that I want to get pregnant. but I don't know if it is a good idea or not. I see this as the only way. I need someone to love me and want me and I know I wont get rid of it no matter what. I'm so confused. PLEASE HELP ME!