Im 14..turing 15 in a couple of days.
And i have a boyfriend..we have been going out for 4 months now. And we have talked about sex
and i have told him since we started dating that im not redy..Because im a virgin. He says that hes gunna wait for me untill we get married..Which is in like 2 years.. But sometimes when im with him it gets so tempting..and i try to calm myself down but somnetimes i just can`t..
And i think about it…and its so hard because i have no one to talk to..he tells me that if i get pergnaut he will take responsibility.. I am so in love with him..but im not redy to have sex..i want to..i really do..but i can`t rite now.. Im so confused..sometimes i cry because idk what to do..Should i wait..or should i have sex with him just to make him scared..that after that he will just leave me..i really need some advice