I had know idea I was pregnant until the nurse came in and told me I wasnt going to have my surgery today. In that moment, I felt as if all my dreams were being ripped from me, I was only 17 how was I going to raise a child. All I could think about is what my family was going to say and how people were going to look at me after they found out. I was never one to care what anyone thought of me, but I was also the one who had so many dreams and never disappointed anyone. When I came back to reality, I relized I had to tell my dad what was going on because he had to sign my release papers from the hospital. I imagined him yelling at me and telling me how stupid I was, but all he really said was he was more disappointed that I wasnt going to have my surgery that I had waited for so long to have. He was so excited to learn that he would be a grandpa. When Derek (my boyfriend) came in the room he to had know idea the news he was about to recieve. He thaught I was crying because I was scared about going in to surgery. But as soon as i told him his eyes lit up and and I knew he was going to be a wonderful dad. Now I am about 18 weeks and so excited to be having this baby. I’m about to finish up highschool and enrolled to begin college classes in the fall. I want to prove everyone wrong that says my baby will only get in the way of my dreams. When in reality this baby is one of many dreams I had, just coming true sooner than expected. I know I’m going to be a great mom and still everything I said I wanted to do. Yes it may be harder but it will be well worth it in the end.