I was 16 I knew him for years. We kinda grew up together but we were never friends. We went to the same school since 3rd grade. I was in and out of placements always gettin into truble. So i really didn't have time to pay attention to him or anyone else. Then i came back from placemant from going the last time right before my 16th birthday. He was friend with my older brother now and when i saw him he look so good. He had his hair grown long and was in a pony tail. But he had a girlfriend. But i still got close to his soon he broke up with his girlfriend to be with me. At first we used protection then sometime we didn't have it. Then about 3 mounths of dating I started to really fall in love with him and was getting ready to break up with him because i was afraid to be in love when i decided mabe i should take a pregnantce test. So i did I was pregnant.