its almost been two years after we graduated highschool and my friends started to separate ways. Although we have plans of our own, we still never forget to see and bound each other, share things that happenened in our life as we entered collage. But then, this reunion would be the unforgettable and painful thing that we encounter. One of our friend is 4 months pregnant. After hearing the news, i cried and felt bad because of the news. And horrifyingly, she ends up with the wrong guy. 

Maybe I'm just being judgemental, but thats the truth. I heared news and rumors of being a bad-boy type of guy and the different vices he is in to. Now, I'm so very much worried of my friend. I don't know what future she would have with the guy that according to what i have heard they have plan to be married or to be civil depending on the desicion of their parents. I felt so hopeless to give her an advice. I don't want my friend to be married with that type of guy. I know they have now the responsibility to the baby but I don't think being totally commited at this point in time is not yet a good idea. I just hope and pray my friend would not commit  another big mistake in desiding with would be right for her and her baby. I don't know what to say or would do to make her at ease.