Dear Becky,

i found out i was pregnant 28 april 2009. i was only 17 and in my first year of university. i was so lost, sad and confused. all i could think about was how i was going to get myself out of the situation. i cried myself to sleep thinking i had let myself and my parents down. life was just miserable. the first person i told was my boyfriend. he said he’d support me in whatever i decided. just the thought of being a mom at 17 made me fill so sad.

i knew nothing about babies and felt i wasn’t capable of being a mother. i wrote to a member of stand up girl who advised me to keep my baby. i decided to take her advice. right there and then i decided i was going to keep my baby because i read stories of girls who terminated their pregnancies and they were all feeling so down.i carried on with school even though i was pregnant. people teased me and passed snorty comments and ugly stares at me. it broke my heart but i tried to stay strong.

on december,18 i had a baby girl. after she let out her first cry i knew i had done the right thing, all that i went through was worth it. i cant stop admiring her toothless smile. her eyes bring me peace and absolute joy. she is my everything.