okay well Im Ally and Im 6 months pregnant.

I had been friends with this guy for four years and we were really close, after him and his sons mom split in september 08 we decided to date and we hit it off great. (after 4 years of friendship you would think you would know someone) When we got together I was still a virgin, and I took every precaution to keep it that way. One night we ended up gettin drunk and he got me into bed cause i was feeling really sick, and one thing led to another and we had sex but safe sex. Time went on and we continued to sleep with each other, but because i was on the pill he stopped using a condom (stupid idea)! In March I had gone in to see my obgyn for a checkup and came out finding out that I was 8 weeks pregnant. I text (at the time) my boyfriend and he was really excited and just kept tellin me everything would work out. well we decided in march to get married and raise our family together. (we have had a very bumpy relationship) so the night before i was supposed to move in with him and two days before we were supposed to get married he and i get into a fight and he broke off the marriage/engagement and went back to his ex girlfriend. three weeks went by and he came to see me and wanted to work things out for us and for our child so we started talkin and ended up gettin back together ( even after all the things he said to me during that three weeks.) well  i didnt feel right and we broke up to give me time to think but continued to talk and see each other. during this break up an old boyfriend came back into the picture and we went out for a movie and dinner as friends and ended up gettin back together. my heart was torn between my babys father and my first true love.  so i went back and forth but chose to be with the second guy and my babys father has not liked that at all. he and i dnt talk at this time he has chosen that she is not his and that he wants no part of her life as of now.

My boyfriend now is such an amazing guy and loves me to death. our feelings have never gone away for each other and now they have grown stronger. He is a father to his son and has decided to take on the responsibility of being a father to my daughter. we have talked about marriage and having children together. when the news hit the surface about us getting married my ex (aka baby daddy) decided he wanted to be apart of my life and my daughters life. my boyfriend has taken care of all the stress for me even though its caused him alot of stress he told David that he needed to back off and leave me alone. David then decided he didnt want anything to do with us again and we havent talked since.

At 17 no teenager should be going through pregnancy or abuse but it happens to alot of us. Im very thankful that i am with a guy that can love my daughter as his own because she does deserve better than a deadbeat father that doesnt care.