StandUpGirl alarm clock pregnant belly

I was 22 when I found out I was pregnant. I was an alcoholic and drug abuser, I was getting evicted from my residents, and wasn’t even sure who the father of my child was. Both guys where also drug addicts and alcoholic’s. My future for my child and I looked very dim. I just knew I could not give my child up in abortion or adoption I just knew that this was the situation I was in and I needed to do all I could to provide for this innocent life that grew inside of me. I moved in with my mom and 9 months later out came Antonio Lee a healthy 7Ib 8oz bundle of joy. I did figure out who the father was and while I was still pregnant he went to a rehab and got help.

Our son was born Oct 30th, 2005 and we married (clean and sober) Dec 6th, 2005. We are now married for a little over 4 years and are going on our 3rd child due June 11th 2010. God turned our life around and I can’t imagine how things would of been if I would of aborted or gave up my Antonio. Sometimes when you get the surprise that you are pregnant your first thought is your life will be ruined but turns out that your life may actually improve. The love you feel for your child is unexplainable and the trials you can conquer for that child are unimaginable!