Well last wendsday i finished school, at least high school for now. I was stoked and got to see a ex the next day at the airport. Needless to say hes changed for the best and really making me think. Its been almost 2 years that we have been best of friend or a couple. I love him with all my heart, hes deploying soon and really want to help him while hes there. I dont want to rush anything at all. We talked like the best of friends but the pain that he caused with the abortion is still there. Last night i was invited to his family christmas party, his sister had a kid a A MERE WEEK AGO!! I thought i could handle it knowing i saw her a month before she had him. I really couldnt. Alot of people say give him a chance but i paid the ultimate sacrifice to be with him and it hurts twice as much since the anniversary is coming up. I believe hes really changed, hes still snippy sometimes but not as bad. When hes like that i let him cool down. Im running when hes like that even in the winter with snow and ice. I never give second chances but i kinda want a opinion.