So you all know my son Dallas, whom is 10 months now! (I was 14 when I gave birth and I am now nearly 16). As you guys know I went to school up until the day before my induction (emergency induction). Yes, it was hard with the big belly and all but, you gotta’ do whatcha’ gotta’ do! Lol. Then about a month after Dallas was born I was back in school after the Christmas Break! In between all the I was home schooled.

Yes, it’s hard being a teen mom and going to school with only having about 2 hours to do homework before your fiancee and little man get home. Those of you in school, high school or college will know about the work load. I am currently in grade 11 with mix college and university courses. I am looking into being an RN (Registered Nurse).

Anyways, I am really busy with spending time with my family and getting school work done to do the best I can. I don’t have time for all my accounts anymore, so I am doing Teen Mom vlogs on my YouTube as well as videos of Dallas (:

I hope you all can check out my YouTube and ask me questions and/or give me some suggestions!

I miss you all so much, you are great to talk to,

Love you lots!