Im Lauren,

                        Im 16 years old. New to this site. I just need someone to talk too. Well…. My boyfriend is 22 years old. He may have gotten me pregnant. I hate whats going on. Its so sad.,and so scary. Well my boyfriend and I are so in love. I know hes the one for me. I love him with all my heart. But when i finaly sat down and told my parents what was going on, they had no idea that I was with my boyfreind (Geoffre) and they had no idea we had sex. I told my parents that i might be pregnant with his child… It was a huge deal. My mother cried and my father was so disapointed. My mom and brother left the house. I had no clue where they were going until i found out they had gone to centennial wireless to turn my phone off. That made me feel even worse, because i felt bad enough telling them i might be pregnant. I was so stressed I left the house and started walking to my bestfriends house…While I was away my mom and brother came homw noticing i was gone my brother (Mike) came out to look for me. He picked me up while i was on my way to my friemds house (Mahala). Mike took me home and i went inside.. my parents were sooooo angry… The started to yell at me.. and i yelled back…. My dad called me a whore. and thats when i broke down and fell the the floor crying because i love geoffre and im in love with him. and what i did felt so right. but Geoffre is also 22 years old. This was on a thursday night… of course a school night. I didnt want to be alone so i had my best friend mahala come over and stay with me that night. Mom didnt want me to go to school. But I went anyways…. I just needed to get away. so i went to school. well my mother picked me up from school and put a packet of papers in my lap…. i looked threw it to see what it was all wabout and I saw that it was a restraning order on my boyfriend Geoffre. I was sooo mad at my mother. because alot of things were going on. She told me she didnt want me to see him EVER again… I started crying. I just wanted to go home… But insted she took me for a doctors vistit… I got lots of tests done…. they drew blood and sent it in for a blood pregnancy test because every other pregnancy test I had taken came out negative. But Im 2 weeks late on my period….well after the doctors visit my mom took me home and told me that she had scheduled me to see a Psychiatrist… I just looked at her and asked her if she was trying to make my life even worse…. It was hard enough telling her what happend… god i dont know what to do anymore. I miss my boyfriend soooo much… :'(

 Tell me what you have to say I need some help!

 Ill keep you all up to date.


Lauren Lush