Hi all

Firstly i just want to say big ups to this website, reading everyone elses story has inspired me to write my own as i know im not the only person going through what i am at the moment!!

Where to start, well right now im actually confussed about wether im pregnant or not, i have sore and darkend nipples, heartburn, constant thirst and constant toilet stops as well as bloating and some really weird cramping i have been having unprotected sex so it is just a niggle i have.  I know i should take the test but i am affraid of the result………….

This is where things get complicated. My mum gave birth to me at 14 and i have been raised by her parents who have given up so much for me and who i am very very greatful for.  I also know they are very proud of me and am hoping i graduate from the study iam currently doing.  Im afraid that if that test turns out a pink line or a positive sign that i can not tell them as i dont want to let them down, or have them feel as though they have failed.

If i am pregnant the next prediciment i would face is breaking the news to the babys father, im unsure if i will although it would be hard to hide from him (iam against having an abortion). He is one of my closest friends who i have known for around 6 years, we became very close early this year after his girlfriend left him and we began sleeping together.  I love him and would do anything to protect him from this, should the test be positive.  I know you must all be thinking that i should have no problems telling him as he is a close friend i mean hell i tell him everything else thats going on.  BUT he has a 6 month old son to his previous girlfriend and i dont want him to not be able to focus on his boy, im so afraid of ruining his life, as i would keep the baby and give him or her the best possible life i can it just all seems so hard right now

PLEASE help any sugestions on how i could possible break this kind of news to him or my parents would be so greatly appreciated, im so confussed.  I will keep you posted as i have set a "D" date to take the test.