I was walking with Salem down the road that leads by St. Basil’s basilica(my bad, i always thought it was St. Petersburg. I fail.). The night was clear, the stars twinkling, and the only people around were us. Suddenly Salem turns to me and says “I’ve been thinking. It’s easy to think about love and to talk about it, but most people have difficulty recognizing love.”. He gently grabs my hands and says “Even when they hold it in their hands. I don’t have that problem, and lately I have been thinking about who I truly love in my life.” I reply  “What are you saying?”  He says “You are the person I love” He drops to one knee, pulls out a ring, and says “Will you marry me?” I just stood there for a second, my eyes wide. This caught me completly off guard. ” Yes!” I reply joyously.