ok so me and this guy were together for 2 an a half years an we had i wouldnt say alot of problems cus what couple doesnt have problems??Well he cheated on me more than once and nobody ever had to tell me it was just an instinct!! I know it sounds bad but we were madly in love and would do anything for eachother. We talked about having a baby because we both wanted it and we were ready it was amazing for about 3 months i didnt have my period and i knew i was pregnant but i was scared because our relationship was on the rocks pretty bad but a friend of mine made me take a test so i did and sure enough i am so i call my boyfriend up and tell him he seems so happy but at the time we were broken up and  he had another girlfriend.
a couple days after that we got back together…we were good for about four or five days and then he was with his homeboy and i got a text from his mom saying to call her something bad had happened so i called her and she told me he got shot and died at the hospital I feel like my life is over im 26 weeks pregnant with his baby and he isnt here and it kills me everyday he was my evrything!!!

Im sad because he was my soul mate my everything i miss being with him and talking to him just everything about him but on the other hand im happy because im pregnant with his baby and in a way he's Still here…..

I need help