Im 18 years old and i just graduated from high school an dalmost finished with my medical asissting certification in college. Just last week I was diagnosed with congenetal heart failure. Which sucks, because I really wanted to have a baby someday. But with the heart failure it would make the situation way to hard, for both me and the baby… Its sad but is stuff happends I guess

. Since I was told Ive push my boyfriend away… I dont want him to stay with me and have to suffer and cry thru out the procedures that are going to be going on… My blood tpye is O-, so when it comes to the point if I was to need a heart transplant, it would take a long while till I would get it… Im really confused!!!!!!!! I cry alot, not becuase of the condition, but because i dont want to risk having a baby that may come out also with some kind of defection… I also dont want to have a baby and not see em grow.. I want to be there for thier fiat day of school, and the first boyfriend or girlfriend and thier prom and wedding… i want to be there when they cry to hold them and tell em its ging to be ok… I dont want to have my pride and joy in my life… Then for mine to end so soon… I cant go on like this… Umm please give me some Advice someone!!!!!!!