Where has the time gone? Last time i wrote in my blog i was 11 weeks into my pregnancy and everyone was trying to talk me into an abortion, yet here i am with my beautiful 14 month old baby girl lying in bed next to me. She is perfection snuggling up to ‘Duckie’ her new easter cuddly. 

I never thought life could be so fantastic, when people see me they say i look the happiest they’ve ever seen me and they’d be right this life i carried for 9 months makes me the happiest i’ve ever been, the happiness i feel can’t be described it is beyond what i could of ever believed. 

Times are sometimes tough, money will always be a issue but i would rather go without than allow my daughter to. She wants for nothing and gets everything all she has to do is look at me and im hers totally and completely. She is my ray of sunshine always smiling and happy, always loves life the smile never fades off her face. She babbles and chats away creating new words and joining small sentences ‘mooing’ and ‘quacking’ every few words. She loves her animals and believes her cuddlies are real. 

I can’t believe i ever went to that clinic ever risked destroying my babies life. 

she is my life, my soul, my world 

Roo you complete me!