i went into the emergency room on friday for extreme stomach pain, they did an ultrsound and i saw my baby for the first time and heard its heartbeat, it was the most amazing thing i've ever experienced. they said its prefectly healthy but i need to see an OB soon, so i finally told my mom. she was sad at first and almost hit my boyfriend who was there with me but over all she is very supportive . my stepdad is too! but he hates being called grandpa 😛  as for my dad and his wife they dont know and honestly i dont care if they know, i have rights to keep it from them and they didnt even care i was in the emergency room all they said was feel better. so for christmas i'll jus make them a card with the ultrasound on it and say TA DA! merry christmas.. thats mean i dunno… but other than my dad, my life is pretty much amazing right now. My mom keeps saying that this baby is divine and the baby will live divinely with no shame put on it. I think my mom is more excited. but anyways peace and love from the both of us 😉