Hi, my names shannon, im 16years old and i have a daughter who is 7months old. i love her very much. i recently found out that i am pregnant again. i no that i cant keep it as my partner, daughter, and i am living at my parents house and there is not enough room. it really sucks because now that i had my beatiful little girl its scary to think that i will have to get rid of this baby inside me that could grow up to be the most wonderful person in the world… but there's facts like, not enough room, just as im starting to be getting really big Tegan (my daughter) will be starting to walk. she'll 17 months old by the time this other baby is born and she wont understand why mummy isnt around so much. Also why mummys so tired all the time. I just want tegan to have the best life there is and thats what i wanted from the day she was born. What do i do?