I'm in my first pregnancy and I'm only 17. I am married to the father now and it was a decision we made together, But he's in the U.S Marines and leaving for Iraq really soon. I'm only 11 weeks pregnant and I'm going to be giving birth while he's in Iraq. He doesn't want to come home for the 30 days to see the baby being born just because he won't want to go back to Iraq. But when he's coming home the baby will be 2 months old. I'm just really scared because he wont be home to help me through labor and all that. And I'm totally feeling alone. My parents are excited about the baby and are deffently going to be there but it's not the same as having your husband, The love of your life, the baby's daddy there. =[

This is going to be really hard. =[ 

Anyone else going through the same thing I'm going through?