Just a rant really, hmmm im so fed up right now. I live with my parents, so does my 18month old and my partner and i feel so suffocated by it all. 7 people in a small 3 bed house and its really draining me now. My parents dont know or wont accept the limitations when it comes to my daughter.

The teaching, disapline and major desicions are mine and no one elses but i get over rode! i say no sweets and they give them to her. Talia has a paddy and i chose to ignore her and they smother her with attention which makes her worse.

I know that they are trying to help but its making me feel less like the parent and not incontrol. Im very sensitive and i know that i am but this is most certainly not me being to sensitve.

I can see the future and in it my child has no respect for me or my authority because someone else is always undermining me. fair dos' my mother has raised 3 children and knows her stuff but i also know how to raise my child and am doing a pretty dam god job i think!

My daugher is hardly a walking dictionary and refers to a few things with the same word but when she shouts for mammy or daddy my parents go running before me and my partner have a chance to move. its like they actually think they are the parents sometimes and to be honest it is slightly freaky.

There are also the subtle hints of us finding our own place (with this credit crunch its not so easy) but we are trying and they invited us to move in because our house was damp.


i feel alittle out of control of my own life and everything at the minute. i just needed to rant abit randomly. even if no one reads this it still has made me feel better as if i have just stood up and screamed lol x