Are you a bad mother?

Do you go to work and put your kids in daycare?

“You are a bad mother”, your children will grow up and be criminals and have mental problems because they were away from you for too long.

Do you stay and home and look after the kids?

“You are a bad mother”, because your kids will now be anti-social and not know how to communicate with other kids, and you will grow old, ugly and fat in your house doing things that don't make you have to work your brain.

Do you let your kids watch TV?

“You are a bad mother”, because now they will grow up addicted to TV and Internet and Playstation and everything else electronic, and then they will get obese and not have any friends, and they will also be antisocial and violent.

Do you forbid your kids to watch TV?
“You are a bad mother”, because now your kids will not know much about the world, and will grow up to be sheltered little creeps that think the world revolves around Mummy and Daddy.

Are you under 35?

“You are a bad mother”, because you're too young to be a mother, and you have lost your youth and will grow out drinking every night while the baby cries all by itself alone, and reproduce millions of other babies from different dads just so you can sit on welfare, and the kids won't be able to grow up normal because you're just a kid yourself.

Are you over 35?

“You are a bad mother”. Your kids will have down syndrome and they will not be close to their parents because their parents are ancient and too old to look after them and don't have the energy, and you can't relate to your kids because you're too old so therefore they will grow up with mental problems.

Has your child ever seen you cry?

“You are a bad mother”, how could you possibly put your child through seeing you so emotionally distressed? Your child will grow up forever traumatized and have mental problems.

Have you walked out of the house before you were about to burst into tears?

“You are a bad mother”, because you have left the child all by themselves in the house, and they will probably do something hurtful to themselves or get scared by you leaving so much that they will have mental problems.

Do you teach your children about God?

“You are a bad mother”, because you are raising fundamentalists who are going to go bomb people and knock down everyone's door because they want to convert them.

Do you teach your children about all the world's religions?

“You are a bad mother”, because the child will grow up confused, and probably think that Allah is God (which actually would be correct, for everyone that has the misconception that Allah is not the Arabic word for God) and will have no morals.


Any way you put it, we are all bad mothers. Somebody out there someone will always find SOMETHING, no matter how ridiculous, how ludicrous, narrow-minded and downright cruel their words are, to put us down, mothers. Mothers cop it all — you are either too this, too that. You do things all, all wrong.

In the end, who cares what other people think? It's what YOUR children think that matters. And you. Make your own decisions: you are the mother, you know what's right for the baby, don't ever let ANYONE put you down. ANYONE at all.

Are you a bad mother?

In all probability, NO.