So, I have never used this site before and I don’t really know how to work it but I am in need of help and I think this site may be able to answer my questions without judgement and or disbelief in me. My story is not unusual, it is actually quite common, But it’s just new to me. Any ways, I am 15 years old and I am having a baby and holy crap am I ever young. My boyfriend is 16 and him and I are fighting to keep this child. My life is going to be over, no more parties, no more going out, no more friends or school for a while and I understand all of this. But I do have belief in me that this child will start a new life for me, A more stable life then I have right now. My family are against my wishes, It will be a challenge to get their support in a decision that throws my young life away. But I am willing to sacrifice these things for this child. I need to have a good argument as to why this child needs to stay in my life, and for the past two days I have fought and fought and cried and my feelings are torn up and distorted. I need to prove to my parents and family that this will work out for the better and I have many questions that need answers to. I just need someone to help me and give me the answers I am looking for.