Okay. Well im new at this site, though ive read alot of everyones blogs, some have actually made me cry D: . Mm, Anyways… I have quick quesiton… My boyfriend/fiance has left for the marines the 21st of june and yes of course i am stressed out and what not. Though, i dont think thats whats causing my periods to go all wack. My last period was actually a light spotting that went into well.. a lighter period then what i would usually have, my periods are usually down right heavy and painful right when they start. That period was light for a few good days, then it started getting heavier but not as heavy…(My periods last 4 days, maybe sometimes 5) Anywho, i had cramping, but not as bad as i usually would… Oh i guess i should tell you that my menstral cycle is around 30-33 days.

Okay, now i should be getting my period soon (schedule for before the date of June 24th or maybe a day later).Though around that time i should have gotten my period, i had supppppper tender nipples o.o hah, they swelled and are still swollen a bit, but arent really sore anymore. Im about 9 days late from my period, i also felt that irritable feeling, like i got annoyed at stupid stuff i normally wouldnt of… The only catch is, my boyfriend and i had last done it the 19th of june, the two days before he left for bootcamp. We always have done it unprotected. I have heard story’s of woman being prego and still having their periods… im not exactly saying im pregnant, i just think its very strange and abnormal for me. I was just curious about what anyone would have to say to this or if they have any info about this it would be great (:
Thank you so much for your time! (: