I am seventeen years old, and five months ago I was faced with the decision of abortion, adoption, or continuing an unplanned pregnancy at 16. I was taking the birth control pill, but despite our “protection plan”, my boyfriend Patrick and I took a pregnancy test in early February after my second period was missed. It came back positive, and we wasted no time telling our parents. I actually wrote my parents a letter, and gave it to them before school. I explained our situation, told them the results, and clearly defined my wants and beliefs as far as choosing abortion, adoption, or to keep the baby. I explained that I am pro-life, and want to take responsibility for our actions, and to keep the baby. Patrick also did the same thing, expressing his similar beliefs. Later that day, I returned home from school, and my parents were waiting to talk to me. They told me that having the baby, either way, was my choice, and expressed their concerns with schooling, and leading a normal 16/17 year old’s life. The choice to keep my baby was never second-guessed.

Six months later, I am now almost eight months pregnant, and I couldn’t be happier with our decision. My boyfriend, Patrick, has stuck by me through everything. We go to weekly prenatal classes,  clinics, and doctors appointments as well as scheduled ultrasounds to ensure that our baby is healthy. As of Wednesday, July 13th, we were 31 weeks and five days pregnant, putting us at 33 weeks today. The countdown is on, and we’re ecstatic about having a little boy. I wouldn’t change my decision to keep our baby for the entire world. This experience in it’s self has been very fulfilling. Schooling in September will be difficult, as we are due three days after regular classes begin, but my teachers and classmates have been very supportive and have agreed to help me as much as possible to make my first semester of my senior year the best that it can be while trying to raise a newborn. I am still living with my parents, whom have been more than supportive though everything.

I wish all other teen moms, and other pregnant girls and women on this site and around the world the best of luck. Abortion is never the answer. If you think about it, your fetus has tiny little fingernails after only eleven weeks of being in your uterus. It’s our job to protect and love them as much as possible while they’re so tiny and vulnerable. Abortion is a scarring, unforgettable experience from what I have heard and read. I hope that our story inspires you to keep your babies, and become the best mothers you can become. Because for nine long months, the only person your baby relies on is you, and it’s your job to keep him or her safe 🙂